Chart your course at Value Function Consulting
Management Consultant
You as a Management Consultant will focus on our Client Strategy Deal Development following the principles and methodology of VFC. You will be measured on your inputs that transform and create a lasting positive change to VFC customers. Leave your mark at one role and you will move up with acquisition of right skills.
Skills needed:
Candidates should have a broad understanding of current business trends, their impact on business strategies, and their implications for organizations in creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Candidates should be comfortable with quantitative analysis and take a creative, yet pragmatic, approach to problem solving.
Equally important is the ability to motivate others, to communicate complex ideas clearly, to gain the respect of clients and colleagues, and to work collaboratively.
Please note that we require both European language and English language fluency for all positions in countries where English is not the native language.
Through your work and learning, our consultants expand VFC’s capability for serving clients, advance industry thinking on critical business issues, and grow professionally in a stimulating environment. Once on board, our consultants integrate intellectual capital and hands-on experience as they work with customer senior management to solve the challenges facing organizations.
If this sounds interesting: (you are from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark), please apply: (with a subject reading “Management Consultant”)